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Sinus Headache Relief

Sinus Headache Remedies

Sinus Headache ReliefHeadaches are often so disruptive that it lessens the productivity of a person in his work. What are some sinus headache reliefs? To find out, we first deal with what causes the sinus headache.

When a person has a headache, there is buildup of pressure on the nasal passages due to the inflammation of one or more sinuses. The pain is caused by the increased mucus secretion and the inability to drain these fluids. The pressure also adds to pain of a sinus headache.

The causes of a sinus headache may be a sinus infection or sometimes, allergic reaction. These conditions decrease the ability of the sinuses to drain while increasing mucus production. When mucus is not discharged, it will accumulate and may attract bacteria and viruses that may lead to other complications. Stay away from allergens.

Sinus Headache Relief

Watch your diet. Eat fruits that are high in vitamin C such as oranges, strawberries and lychee. Vitamin c boosts the immune system which helps fight off the sickness brought about by headache. Also, try to eat spicy foods as it helps in clearing out blocked air passages.

Drink lots of water. Water hydrates the body and takes care of mucus. It is a good, less costly and effective sinus headache relief.

Another remedy is to use a humidifier to increase the moisture in a room. It is known that hot and dry weather remedy Sinus Headache Relief(or temperature) contributes to the headache. A good substitute for a humidifier is a neti pot, or for a less costly sinus headache relief, you may boil water inside the room. The smoke will help ease the pressure felt in the infected areas.

You can also try applying a cold compression therapy into the forehead. This will relieve nasal congestion and make way for proper drainage of the sinuses.

As a last resort, you can try taking over-the-counter medications such as pain killers and decongestants. Although this is not an advisable sinus headache relief, it will help when taken in small doses.

Sinus Problems Symptoms

Understanding Sinus Problems Symptoms

most sinus problem symptomsSinus problems symptoms vary depending on several factors, which include the severity of the disease, the type of the illness, and the area or the sinus affected. Generally, earliest symptoms of sinusitis include nasal congestion and pain in the face, especially around the eight sinuses located in various parts of the face—two each in the forehead, cheekbone, between the eyes, and behind each eye. Sinus problems symptoms can manifest individually or simultaneously, especially when the sinusitis is caused by an infection rather than by an allergic reaction. It is important to understand the sinusitis problems in order to properly choose the correct remedy for the illness.

When the type of sinus problem is an acute sinusitis, the most common symptoms are fever, postnasal drip that proceeds to sore throat, severe headaches, and pressure in the affected sinus. When the acute sinusitis affects the sphenoid or the sinus behind the eyes, double vision could occur in the more extreme cases. When a person is suffering acute sinus problems symptoms, pain is usually experienced when there is head movement. This pain can be accompanied by throbbing sensation in the affected sinuses. Sense of taste and smell are also impaired when a person’s sinuses are infected.sinus problem symptoms

There are also symptoms that are more manifest only when a person is suffering from chronic sinusitis. Chronic sore throat and halitosis, or bad breath, are very commons symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Other more pronounced Sinus problems symptoms are toothache for sinusitis affecting the cheekbone sinus and coughing at night. Sinusitis of the sphenoid or behind the eyes could also trigger mild chronic headache.

The real causes of sinusitis, or the question of why people even have sinuses, remain subject of debates and differing views. The good news is that sinusitis treatments are becoming more effective that people need only to understand their Sinus problems symptoms to find an effective remedy.

Sinus Cyst Symptoms

Info On Sinus Cyst Symptoms

Sinus Cyst SymptomsSinus cysts or otherwise known as nasal polyps are soft tissue growths that occur on the lining of the sinuses. In some cases the sinus cyst forms alone, while in other cases it forms several growths that are close together. They don’t do much harm and it may even happen that a person already has it without even knowing it. They hardly cause any problems, although you may suspect you may have it if you feel the following sinus cyst symptoms.

1. Difficulty breathing through the nose. Some may even feel the need to breathe through the mouth.

2. Impairment of the sense of smell. Do you feel like you no longer smell the same aroma of your favorite coffee each morning? You could have one of the sinus cyst symptoms.

3. Runny nose. If you often experience a runny nose and feel like this is a recurring problem not eased by medication, then it is possible you have a sinus cyst.

Sinus Cyst Symptoms Headaches4. Headaches. Although there are many possible causes for a headache, it may be caused by a sinus cyst especially if the growths are in multiple numbers and locations on the sinuses.

5. Sinus infection. If you find yourself having an infection frequently, then it may be a sign of other problems in the sinuses. This is one of the sinus cyst symptoms.

6. Snoring. Yes, a sinus cyst may also cause snoring.

7. Fullness in the face. This does not mean your face is fluffy but if you have the lingering feeling that your face is full, even though a look in the mirror proves this otherwise, then you may have one of the sinus cyst symptoms.

If ever you have experienced these lately or you believe the sinus cyst symptoms are occurring more frequently, then it may be best to seek some medical help to properly diagnose the problem.


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